RCP strives to bring our members the absolute best and The Cardroom is no exception!
Between the top-notch security, reliability and ease of use, there is little (if anything!) left to be desired when it comes to our award-winning software.
New to The Cardroom? Just click the banners for a clean and simple explanation about each section of the casino software, and remember – feel free to contact our 24/7 support team for any questions or suggestions!

No matter what type of game you’re after or what sort of player you are, everyone starts at the lobby! Our sleek and straightforward lobby makes finding the perfect game as easy as it is important.

Once you’re out of the lobby and inside a live game, this is where all the action goes down. Our table interface is designed to be as clean as possible to help make your games go as smooth as possible!

To find out what a certain button, tab or indicator does, just follow the legend:

  1. Seat Open – an indicator for a vacant seat. You can sit down to play here.
  2. Lobby Return – a quick one-click jump back to the lobby. This button will not cause you to leave the table.
  3. Leave Table – a quick one-click command to leave the table.
  4. Dealer – a graphical representation of the table’s dealer. You can “push” the dealer to switch for another with just a click. Dealer speech can be configured in the options.
  5. Rack – where the dealer keeps additional chips for future play. Click the rack box to bring more chips to the table.
  6. Player Status –this seat is taken by another player. The yellow text is their user name, while the white is their chip count. When it is the player’s turn, there will also be an area used as a timer and indicator for the player’s actions. The stars above represent the player’s rating. Right click on any player to move yourself to that seat, block that players chat, tag the player, rate the player, add a note for that player or add to your buddy list.
  7. Hand Numbers – reference numbers that can be used to analyze previously played hands anytime with our hand history software.
  8. Chatbox – all player chat and dealer/system messages appear here. Click the notes tab to write notes on individual players as well.
  9. General Options – quick buttons to your options and stats, along with a link to open a ticket with our 24/7 support team.
  10. Window Options – use these buttons to resize and manipulate the table window.
  11. Pot – the current pot with the white text being its numerical value.
  12. Rake – this is the portion of the pot the house keeps as a fee for hosting the game.
  13. Dealer Button – this marker is used to signify the player that is the button. This player is treated as the being in the dealer’s position and is last to act on that specific hand.