Omaha High is played with four hole cards for every player and five community cards in the centre. Just as in Hold’em games, this is a game of position strategy and mathematical odds. However, Omaha is significantly less calculable than Texas Hold’em, because there are many more cards in the game. This also means that, here, the role of psychological strategy is considerably more important than in Texas Hold’em. Omaha High is offered as a limit and as a pot limit game.
Rules and game course
The process of this game is similar to Texas Hold’em. The four hole cards are dealt. The first betting round starts with the first player to the left of the blind. The hand continues with the Flop, betting round, Turn, betting round, River, betting round and the Showdown.

In Omaha Hi, the winning hand is determined in the following way:

Each player combines three common cards on the board with two of the four hole cards. This is an important difference to Texas Hold’em wherein, theoretically, the whole board can be the winning hand. So once again, in Omaha you always need “two hidden cards and three from the table’s centre.”

If you are playing pot limit games, please be aware that there is no restriction on the number of raises (different than limit games, where only three raises are possible).