This poker game is played with three cards face down and four cards face up for each player.

Before the first cards are dealt, every player has to bring the ante. Then, every player gets two cards face down and one face up, whereby the first player to the left of the dealer gets the first card, continuing clockwise around the table.

After the first three cards have been dealt, the first betting round starts when the player with the lowest card showing brings the forced bet. As the name suggests, this amount must be paid into the pot. The betting then goes around clockwise, with three options for all players: fold, call or raise. The first raise in Seven Card Stud is called “complete,” because the forced bet is increased to the minimum limit of the particular limit game. In limit games there are three more raises (raise, re-raise, capped).

After the first betting round, each player gets a second card face up (the fourth card). This card is also called “Fourth Street”. From now on until the final betting round, every action starts with the player with the highest cards showing. The options are: check or bet. Once a player has bet, the three usual options – “fold, call or raise” – apply. Note: If any player shows a pair, the higher limit applies.

After the second round of betting is over, “Fifth Street” is dealt. Every player gets the third card face up (the fifth card).

The third betting round follows according to the same rules of the second. The only difference: From the third betting round on, the respectively higher limit of limit games is in effect. After this betting round, every player gets the fourth card face up (the sixth card).

The fourth betting round follows. Finally, every player gets the seventh card, but this one is face down (so it is the third face down card). The last betting round starts, followed by the showdown. The cards of all players still in this hand are shown and the best hand wins the pot.