Poker tournaments are played until one player has won all the chips. The prize money is divided according to the number of players.
To play in a tournament, select one of the tournaments in the Lobby. You can now see all the information about the tournament you\’ve chosen.
If you participate in a tournament, you accept all the rules and agree to respect the poker etiquette. Should you infringe upon any of these rules, you will be warned or blocked for a period of time, or, in case of a more serious offense, you will be disqualified from the tournament. A disqualified player\’s chips will be drawn in.
Only one player per IP address is allowed to play in any tournament due to danger of collusion between players.
If you lose your internet connection, you have no all in protection. Blinds, antes and bring-ins will continue to be deducted.
If players have no connection during the play or do not react in time, their hand will be folded.
If the server goes down, the current hand will be cancelled. If the tournament can’t be continued, the prize pool will be split among the remaining players according to our Game Cancellation Policy:
If a tournament is cancelled before it starts, all players who have registered will be refunded their buy-in and fee for that tournament.
If a tournament is cancelled after it has started, but before the outcome has been decided (e.g. due to a technical failure):

Players who were already disqualified before cancellation will lose their buy in and entry fees, as usual.
For those players still in the tournament at the time of cancellation:
After tournament start and before all players are in the prize money: Those players still in the tournament at the end of the last hand will receive their buy in and fee for that tournament. Then, they will be given equal shares of 50% of the entire prize pool (minus refunded buy-ins), and the remaining 50% will be distributed according to players” chip count.
After tournament start and when all players are in the prize money: All players will get the next prize to be handed out – for example, if there are 32 players left when the tournament is cancelled, then everyone effectively gets the “32nd-place” prize. Then, the remainder of the prize money will be distributed according to players” chip count.

It is strictly forbidden to talk about a hand that is not finished and circulate information to other players.
Seating arrangements are random. At single table tournaments players can choose their own seats. The dealer button placement is determined when the game starts.
A change of seat during the tournament is not possible, except at tables breaking down.
Each participant gets an equal amount of chips at the start. Blinds, antes and bring-ins will be deducted from players who sit out during the tournament.
Limits and blinds will be increased during the tournament according to a pre-fixed time limit.
Remaining players will be moved to different tables, as tables break down. A player who is farthest from the blind will be seated at their new table in a similar position.
A player who is placed between the dealer button and the big blind after being moved must wait one hand before being dealt in.
Between every prize increase, the tournament will be played on a hand-to-hand basis until the next player finishes.
If a player is all in and no further actions are possible, all cards will be exposed and the hand will finish as usual.
Chat is unavailable for all players as soon as one player is all in.
If two players go all in during the same hand, the player who had more chips will be ranked higher.
In the case of any dispute(s), the decision(s) of SwankPoker Management is final.
PokerPoints will be calculated and deducted / added once per day. You can always see your current balance within maximum 24 hours after your last cash game or PokerPoint Freeroll, barring any technical issues.
Rebuys: In some tournaments, it is possible to make rebuys – this means, to buy additional chips to keep your chip count higher. The number of possible rebuys (from 1 to “unlimited”) is set by the tournament director. In any case, rebuys may be made either until the first break, or before the first break but only until the number of players still in the tournament has been reduced to the number of paid places PLUS FOUR. For example: If a particular tournament pays out to 50 places and the number of players in the tournament reaches 54 before the first break, then – from that point forward – rebuys are no longer possible.